Jon Henrik Fjällgren från Talang 2014 instrument add.

Riktigt bra låt med Jon Henrik Fjällgren från Talang 2014.
När jag hör en låt med minimalt med instrument och bra sång så tänker jag bara på att lägga till extra instrument.
Även så i detta fallet lade jag till lite instrument.

c64 intro idéa

Came up with a intro idéa for the c64.
I made this with a bunch of gifs and I wonder if it is possible to create?
I am thinking, border sprites with a water typ effect applied to them when the cursor hits.
CLick image to view.


Music Demo tests

These are “short” experimental sound patch demo tracks that I made mainly for fun !

Horsepower vid

New vid in the Videos tab called Horsepower.
Story behind that music is I that had an idea of using horse sounds as a beat…

Mix from Audial Dreams 3

This is 4 tracks from my upcoming CD called Audial Dreams 3.
More tracks will be on it, maybe around 10.

Sound Demos

On this page you can listen to sounds I make myself .

I mostly into Ambient music and for now PAD’s is my main sound to create.

1 track Tease from CD

This a 1 track tease from my new CD that is in the makeing.
Feel free to comment.


Video menu

I have added a video menu with clips from my youtube place.

New track: Salvation

New WIP track in Music section called Salvation that will be included in my new Ambient CD.