Music is what I do!

Working on a game…

I am working on a game at the moment and this is a realy early screenshot mockup preview of it.

WaKe handle

wake_webwake_web2Thinking of changing my handle to WaKe. I asked ppl what handle they would give me and one person said WaKe (Walldén Kent)
This is a draft of how it can look like.

Makeing c64 sid’s again.

I have now released my first sid tune since the 80’s called “Enjoy the Funk!”


Just a short story…

complete this sentence: ” Do, or do not…..,”

and you will win a all payed vacation at beautiful Alderaan.  Wait what? he did WHAT!?!? ehm we got a problem, aparently Darth Vader had blow Alderaan to pieces…. hmmm ok well I am your host so….  *explosion* what?! wait!!! Darth Va..aaarghhh …  *choo phhhh*  No… I…*choo phhhh* am … your …. host!!!

Everyone…*choo phhh* Welcome….. to my *choo phhh* camp DEATH STAR!!! HA HA HA HA

New homepage

So finally I have done it, new webpage for you all to visit and listen to my music.
I can also do music for your games, vids, etc. So feel free to contact me at any time and we will talk about what you want and need. With reservation of time ofcourse, I have a few on my plate at the moment.
Enjoy your stay.

Kent Valdén

All music and images is © Kent Valdén 2015